Our toll service - order your toll box

With the toll box from maut1.de it is possible to pay the toll electronically and contactless - so you avoid unnecessary congestion at the toll stations. 
Order your toll box from maut1.de and save time and effort at the toll stations. This is also good for our environment.

One toll box, several countries

The toll box from maut1.de can be used in Austria (only the toll box for vehicles over 3 metres height), Italy, France, SpainPortugal and Croatia (without Istria).

No activation is necessary to use our toll box. You simply mount your toll box on the windscreen and drive relaxed through the toll stations - saving you time and stress!
The toll box from maut1.de - 5 countries from €22.90 per year

Explanatory video: How the maut1.de toll box works?

Our toll service makes billing easy

You drive through the toll stations without any traffic jams - and we take care of the billing. We settle your toll charges with the respective toll operator, which we usually debit monthly using your lodged payment method, and then issue a clear invoice.

Tolls in Europe

Many European countries are subject to toll on motorways. Payment is usually made in cash, by credit card or with a toll box. 

The advantage of the toll box is the use of a reserved lane, which is not available to cash or card payers. 

With the toll box, you will be at the barrier faster and then can pass the booths at up to 30 km/h in complete relaxation. The toll station recognises the toll box and opens the barrier automatically. 

We settle the toll charges with you afterwards in a comprehensible and transparent manner.

Our toll service with the toll box from maut1.de

There are antennas at the toll stations that transmit a signal. If there is a toll box in the vehicle, the signal is sent back from the toll box to the toll station. The toll station recognises that it is a toll box from maut1.de and sends us the corresponding toll transaction within a few weeks. We take care of the billing with the toll operator and send you an invoice for all transactions we receive.

With the toll box from maut1.de you can benefit from numerous advantages!