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If you are planning a trip to Spain, you should know about tolls. Tolls in Spain are compulsory for all vehicles and are charged at most motorways and bridges. The amount of the toll depends on the length of the route and the vehicle.
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We debit the toll charges monthly from your lodged means of payment. You will receive an overview of the charged fees conveniently by e-mail.

Overview of tolls on Spanish motorways

Tolls in Spain are charged on certain freeways and expressways and vary depending on the section of road and the type of vehicle.

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Autovias & Autopistas 

The state-operated autovias, the routes on the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the motorways are toll-free. In contrast, the privately operated motorways, the so-called autopistas, are generally subject to tolls.

Vehicle categories

Two- or multi-axle vehicles are generally subject to tolls in Spain. This applies to cars, motorbikes, motorhomes and trucks. The tolls in Spain are divided as follows:

  • Ligeros: Motorcycles (also with sidecar), vehicles up to 3 axles without twin tyres.
  • Pesados 1: Vehicles up to 3 axles with twin tyres
  • Pesados 2: Vehicles with 4 axles or more


The toll costs on toll roads are settled via a toll box instead of the usual motorway vignette, as no vignettes are provided for in Spain. This is called VIA-T. Separate lanes are provided for users of the VIA-T toll box, while all other drivers must queue in front of the counters for manual payment (cash or credit card).


Tolls in Spain can be paid manually at all lanes in cash or with major international credit cards such as Mastercard or Visa. Bank cards are not accepted at the toll booth.

Maut ESP2

With the toll box from, lanes with "T", "Via-T" or "Télépéaje" can be used for automatic toll collection without any problems. Payment of the toll is also completely cashless.

Overview tolls in Spain

The toll box from - 5 countries from €22.90 per year
The toll costs for Spanish motorways are calculated at the toll stations. A vignette for Spain is not necessary, the calculation of the costs for the motorway toll in Spain is based on the distance travelled on the motorway and depends on the vehicle class. 

You can find an overview of the calculation of Spanish motorway tolls at the page Tolls Spain.

  • General information on tolls in Spain
  • Toll stations
  • Vehicle classes

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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about Spanish tolls

The toll in Spain for the "Autopistas" (= motorways) is paid at the toll booths, the so-called "Télépéaje".

There are several ways to pay the toll in Spain, including cash payment, credit card payment or the use of an electronic toll box called "Via-T". The latter allows fast and contactless passage through the toll booths without the need for cash or credit card payment.

The amount of the toll in Spain depends on many factors, including the kilometres driven on the motorway. For example, if you want to drive your car from Barcelona to Bilbao, you will cover just over 600 kilometres on this route and have to pay a toll of approximately 62.95 euros. With a vehicle with category 2 twin tyres, the toll on the same route is already 104.60 euros.

The toll system in Spain is divided into an open and a closed system. In the open system, a flat rate is charged per toll station. However, most toll stations in Spain operate with the closed system. In the closed system, a ticket is taken on entry and paid on exit from the motorway. If you lose your ticket, you will be charged a penalty and you will have to pay the highest possible amount at the exit station.

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Vehicles in categories 1, 2 and 5 can use our toll box for light vehicles (up to 3 m) in France but also in Italy, Portugal and Spain. Class 3 and 4 vehicles need our toll box for large motorhomes (over 3 m) and can use it additionally in Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Tollbox for Spain and other countries in Europe

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