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Important to know about toll charges in Croatia

NEW: Mautbox incl. Croatia !!

ATTENTION: For the time being, this only applies to the 'toll box for vehicles up to 3 metres high' with all vehicles,

that are neither heavier than 3.5 tonnes nor higher than 3m!

The technical implementation in Croatia is taking place in two steps

  1. First the route network of the largest toll operator Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. (HAC) is activated,
  2. Later, the route network  in Istria of the toll operator Bina-Istra d.o.o. will follow.

For existing customers, the toll box is automatically activated for Croatia!

Toll in Croatia: Information at a glance

  • A motorway toll is charged for the use of most motorways in Croatia (motorways are not toll roads).
  • Some tunnels and bridges - Ucka tunnel, Mirna viaduct, Krčki most - are subject to motorway tolls.
  • For all two-axle vehicles, this applies to cars, motorbikes, motorhomes and trucks, tolls are generally charged on the motorways in Croatia.
  • No vignette is available for Croatia or no vignette is required for the motorways.

Bild Autobahn und Landkarte Kroatien

Croatia: Overview of motorways that can be used via tollbox

You can use the toll box for cars and vehicles up to 3 metres high on the following motorway sections in Croatia:

  • A1 Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik
  • A3 Bregana - Zagreb - Lipovac
  • A4 Zagreb - Goričan
  • A5 Beli Manastir - Osijek - Svilaj
  • A6 Rijeka - Zagreb
  • A11 Zagreb – Sisak
For exact details of the motorways and toll stations that can be used (marked in colour), please refer to the overview map opposite.

Source: Route operator Hrvatske autoceste d.o.o. (HAC)
Autobahnen Kroatien - HAC

Toll Stations and Motorway Tolls in Croatia

The toll stations on the motorways in Croatia operate according to a closed system. Here, the driver has to draw a ticket when entering and pay the toll costs  when leaving the motorway. Particularly when paying in cash, longer traffic jams can occur due to the manual processing during the busy summer months.  

  • No waiting times at the toll stations
  • The toll box is ready for use immediately after receipt
  • Fast and cashless payment
  • Simple and inexpensive pricing model
  • Our toll box for cars and vehicles up to 3 metres high can be used not only in Croatia but also in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.
  • Our toll box for motorhomes and vehicles over 3 metres high as well as our toll device for commercially used vehicles or trucks is currently not yet availalbe in Croatia but can be used in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Tolls and vehicle classes on motorways in Croatia

The toll costs in Croatia are calculated on the basis of the total distance travelled between entry and exit on the respective motorway and on the basis of the respective vehicle class in which your vehicle is classified.

These vehicle classes are subdivided according to the vehicle weight, the number of axles of the vehicle, the vehicle height and the trailer used:

Class 1A
Motorcycles (also with sidecar), trikes and quads.
Class 1
Vehicles (2 axles) ≤ 3.5 t mwa, height < 1.9 m.
Class 2
Vehicles (2 axles) ≤ 3.5 t mwa, height>1.9 m without trailer or vehicles (2 axles) ≤ 3.5 t mwa, height < 1.9 m with trailer (regardless of the number of axles).
Class 3
Vehicles (2 or 3 axles)>3.5 t mwa or vehicles with 2 axles > 3.5 t mwa with 1-axle trailer or vehicles ≤ 3.5 t mwa and height > 1.9 m with trailer (regardless of the number of axles).
Class 4
Vehicles (from 4 axles) > 3.5 t mwa or vehicles (2 axles) > 3.5 t mwa with a 2- or 3-axle trailer or vehicles (3 axles) > 3.5 t mwa with trailer (regardless of the number of axles).
 (t mwa = maximum weight allowed in tonnes)

Overview of vehicle classes in Croatia

Cost estimation: As the calculation of the toll costs for the use of the motorways in Croatia is based on the individual motorway distance travelled per vehicle category, it is difficult to calculate exactly in advance. For a normal passenger car (category 1), tolls of approximately 8,00 € per 100 km can be expected (information without guarantee).

The following list gives an overview of the vehicle classes that are relevant for the toll costs on the motorways in Croatia:

Fahrzeugklassen in Kroatien

☛ Attention!

Choose the right lane at the toll stations, because changing lanes by backing up or turning around is strictly forbidden. In the worst case, it will be punished with a fine and possibly a driving ban of up to two years. If assistance is needed, appropriate buttons are available at the station.

Payment options for tolls in Croatia

Cash payment

At the toll stations in Croatia, payment with cash is possible on the "CASH" or "Gotovina" lanes (Croatian for cash payment). As this manual payment process takes the most time, this is where the longest traffic jams often form.

Credit/debit card

In addition, at the toll stations in Croatia on the "CARDS" or "Kartice" lanes (Croatian for card, credit card), payment by credit card is possible at the machines. The most common credit cards and the bank card (Maestro or V PAY symbol) are also often accepted.

Automatic payment with the toll box

The easiest and quickest payment option is the toll box, also called Telepass. It allows you to use the lanes marked with the sign "ENC" (Croatian ENC for Electronic Toll Collect System (ETC)) without cash and without stopping.

ENC Kroatien / Croatia

The toll for the motorway is registered directly with the toll device while driving in the ENC lane

The toll box from maut1 can be used for all vehicles, regardless of height and weight. In addition, the toll box from can also be used in ItalyFranceSpain and Portugal. For large motorhomes, there is also the option of using the toll box in Austria.

Additional toll charges in Croatia

There are additional toll costs for some tunnels and bridges.
Cost 2024 for a return journey in a car (category I):

  • Ucka-Tunnel Rovinj-Rijeka *4,50 €
  • Mirna Viadukt Rovinj-Umag *3,36 €
  • Krčki most Insel Krk *5,25€
*All prices without guarantee

Frequently asked questions about motorway tolls in Croatia

The toll booths on Croatian motorways operate according to a closed system. When entering, drivers have to take a ticket and when leaving the motorway they have to pay the corresponding toll charges.

The calculation of tolls in Croatia is based on both the total distance between entering and exiting the motorway and the vehicle class in which your vehicle is placed.

Cars and vehicles with 2 axles, a height of less than 1.9 metres and a weight of up to 3.5 tonnes, which are connected to a caravan, are classified in vehicle class 2 in Croatia and can use the toll box for cars and vehicles up to 3 metres high.

The toll in Croatia is calculated according to the distance travelled, so there is no flat-rate payment via a classic vignette as in Austria or Switzerland. Instead, travellers must buy a ticket when entering a toll road section, for which the toll is then calculated according to the distance travelled when leaving the section. 

In addition, there are different vehicle categories into which vehicles are divided depending on the number of axles, height and weight for the toll charges. In contrast to many countries where motorbikes are excluded from the toll or vignette obligation, the toll obligation in Croatia applies to motorbikes (including trikes and quads), cars and motorhomes, buses and multi-axle trucks.

Do you have any further questions? You may be able to find the answer to your question in our FAQ section or feel free to contact us via our  contact form.

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