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Travelling through Portugal by car and using our clever toll box

If you are planning a trip through Portugal and would like to travel the autoestradas of this popular holiday destination, you should not forget about tolls. In Portugal, most roads are subject to tolls and a ticket is required when entering the motorway. 

To ensure that you can travel through Portugal without any complications, you should take a look at our electronic toll box. The practical toll box for Portugal is easy to install and ready to use upon receipt. 

Discover the benefits of the system now and book the ideal solution for your trip to Portugal.

How our toll box for Portugal works

Order toll device online

Order the right toll device for your vehicle - cartruck or motorhome. Within 1 to 4 working days your toll box will be delivered directly to your home.

Mounting the toll device in the vehicle

Mount the toll device next to the rear-view mirror on your windscreen. The toll box is ready for use immediately!

Enjoy free road use

In Portugal you can use the designated lanes for electronic toll collection specially marked.

Receive invoice by e-mail

Every month, you will receive an overview of your toll charges conveniently by e-mail. We will then deduct the charges incurred from your chosen means of payment.

Electronic toll box Portugal: The right solution for every vehicle

With our toll box, you acquire a solution for cars, motorhomes and trucks. Travel carefree through the southern European country and enjoy driving on the motorways of Portugal.
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Toll box for cars & two-wheelers

If you want to use your car or two-wheeler on the motorways of Portugal without having to worry, you should choose our car toll box. Driving on the toll roads in ItalyFrance and Spain as well as Croatia (without Istria) is also possible with the compact toll device.

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Toll device for motorhomes

Many holidaymakers prefer to travel by motorhome. That's why we have also developed a toll device for motorhomes and vehicles that exceed 3 metres in height and 3.5 tonnes in weight. In addition to Portugal, you can also travel through AustriaFranceItaly and Spain by motorhome without worry or stress.

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Toll box for trucks

Our truck toll box is available for haulage companies. With this unique toll device, you can settle the country-specific tolls easily. After delivery, all you have to do is attach the device behind the windscreen of the truck and you can drive off straight away.


Under Tolls Portugal you will find more information on the toll system in Portugal

Prices of the toll in Portugal

The toll box from - 5 countries from €22.90 per year

If you want to travel Portugal, our toll box is just the thing for you! In Portugal, tolls are calculated on the basis of the kilometres driven and the vehicle class. Simply let us invoice the tolls afterwards and conveniently have them settled automatically via your lodged means of payment.

An overview of the calculation of motorway tolls in Portugal can be found at Tolls Portugal.

  • General information on tolls in Portugal
  • Toll stations
  • Vehicle classes

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about tolls in Portugal

A large part of the Portuguese motorways, called autoestradas, are subject to tolls. As a motorist, you are obligated to buy a ticket. If a motorway crosses a bridge, this section is also affected by the toll. Motorways on Madeira and all other roads that are not motorways are excluded.

You can find out whether it is worth switching to toll-free roads in Portugal in our blog.

In Portugal, tolls can be paid either in cash at a toll station or electronically. Some roads are marked with a blue "electronic toll only" sign. In these cases, tolls are only recorded electronically.

Many Portuguese toll booths work with closed systems, i.e. a ticket is taken at the entrance and must be paid when leaving the motorway. With this system, the tolls due are calculated based on the kilometres driven and the specific vehicle class. With our toll box, you can drive through toll stations contactlessly and thus save time.

On the sections of the A4, A8, A13, A17, A22, A23, A24, A25, A28, A29, A33, A41 and the A42 the Free Flow System is applied. This means that the toll due cannot be paid manually at the toll booths. Drivers in Portugal must register on the motorway company's website. There you can pay the toll or purchase a toll card. With our toll box, you can bypass the registration time and use the motorways in Portugal without any hassle.

Rental cars often have the electronic registration devices already installed. This means that tolls and the cost of using the device in Portugal can be calculated directly by the car rental company. If the rental car does not have an appropriate device, you as the driver are responsible for the toll. You can purchase the required toll device at the post office (CTT), at the airport or at appropriate sales points of the operator. Alternatively, you can opt for the toll box from and drive all motorways in Portugal in a relaxed manner.

Toll box for Portugal and other European countries

With the toll box from, you have free travel not only in Portugal, but also in AustriaSpainItaly and France as well as Croatia (without Istria). 

Do you still have questions? In our FAQ you find answers or please feel free to contact  us.

You can find more tips and advice from the team as well as additional travel information for your next holiday on the blog.

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