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What you should know about toll charges in Spain?

Motorway fees & tolls in Spain

Spain is a popular holiday destination. But there are some hurdles on the way from Germany to Spain: Tolls in Spain and in other countries. The toll in Spain is calculated according to the distance driven and vehicle class, which is due at the toll station.

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Information at a glance

  • In Spain, on some routes tolls have to be paid, motorways are free of charge.
  • The motorway network in Spain is operated by various companies.
  • On the privately operated Autopistas you have to pay a motorway toll, while publicly operated Autovias are free of charge.

The toll in Spain

  • On most Spanish motorways, the amount of the toll depends on the distance driven. In general, you should expect to pay around 10 euros per 100 km.
  • At the toll booth you have to draw a ticket, which is only paid when you change or leave the motorway. The booths with a green arrow are with personel.
  • On some sections, you pay a flat fee at the toll station regardless of the distance you drive, and no ticket is necessary.

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Amount of the motorway toll: vehicle classes

Most motorway companies in Spain distinguish between the vehicle categories "Ligeros" and "Pesados".

Vehicle category "Ligeros
Motorcycles, passenger cars, passenger cars with single-axle trailer and motor homes
Vehicle category "Pesados 1
Passenger cars with two-axle trailer, minibus
Vehicle category "Pesados 2
Bus, truck with 4 axles or more

Payment options for the toll in Spain

The motorway toll in Spain can be paid either in cash or by major credit cards.

  • At the lanes "vias automáticas" specially reserved for card payment, you can pay by credit card.
  • The spots marked "Télépéaje", "VIA-T" or "T" are reserved for drivers who have a toll box.

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Tolls in Spain: A motorway toll is payable on these routes

Although a large part of the road network in Spain is toll-free, there are still some sections on which tolls are payable. Basically, there is a difference between Spanish motorways, the free state-owned Autovías "A" and the privately-operated Autopistas "AP", which are subject to tolls. On the toll motorways, a distance-related toll must be paid, as is the case in France or Italy, for example.

Tolls are also charged on the following routes:

  • AG-55 in Galicien 
  • C-16 between Barcelona and Berga
  • C-32 between Barcelona and Tarragona
  • R-2, R-3, R4, M-30 around Madrid

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