Tolls in Portugal

What you should know about toll charges in Portugal?

Portugal's Tolls

If you want to explore Portugal by car, you will have to pay tolls in Portugal. Whether to Lisbon or the Algarve, your trip to Portugal will also take you through the toll motorways in France and Spain.

Paying the toll in Portugal is very easy with our toll box! You can also use this in France, Italy and Spain.

Information at a glance

  • Almost all Portuguese motorways are subject to tolls.
  • For expressways, national roads as well as country roads no toll is required.
  • For some tunnels and bridges an additional toll has to be paid.

The motorway toll in Portugal

The toll in Portugal must be paid for the use of the "Autoestradas". In addition to the motorways, you will also have to pay on certain bridges. This is the case, for example, for the Ponte Vasco da Gama and Ponte 25 de Abril bridges between Lisbon and Almada. The motorways on Madeira Island, on the other hand, are toll-free. The many motorway operators in Portugal do not use a uniform tariff, so it is not possible to calculate the exact cost in advance. If you want to calculate the possible costs before your trip, you can use the official toll calculator "Via Michelin" online, for example.

Order our toll box for Portugal and simply pay the occuring motorway tolls automatically - time-saving and cashless.

Tollbox for motorway tolls in Portugal - Advantages

To pay the Portuguese motorway tolls, you have various payment options at your disposal.

  • Payment by cash or credit card is no longer possible on all toll routes and will be offered even less frequently in the future.
  • Alternatively, an electronic toll is payable. These motorways are marked with blue signs and "Electronic toll only". To pay the toll here, you need a toll box, which you can order from us. Otherwise, registration on the homepage of the motorway company is necessary.

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Tolls and vehicle classes in Portugal

The calculation of the motorway toll in Portugal depends on both the distance driven and the vehicle class. You must not spend more than 12 hours between two toll stations, otherwise the toll costs will double.

In Portugal, vehicle classes are not differentiated according to car, camper van, truck or motorbike, but according to the height of the vehicle at the front axle and the total number of axles. The tolls for cars and motorcycles are cheaper than for other vehicle classes.

Class 1
Vehicles with two axles and a height of less than 1.10 m at the first axle
Class 2
Vehicles with two axles and a height of over 1.10 m at the first axle
Class 3
Vehicles with three axles and a height of more than 1,10 m at the first axle
Class 4
Vehicles with more than three axles and a height of more than 1.10 m at the first axle

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The toll box from maut.1de can be used in Portugal for any vehicle class, as the vehicle is automatically registered at the toll station and the corresponding charges are applied.

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The toll box for up to 3 meters height can be used in European countries: Portugal as well as in Italy, France, Spain and Croatia (without Istria).
Our toll box for over 3 meters height can be used in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. 

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