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Compulsory toll for large motorhomes in Germany?

Rosenheim, November 29th 2023: The truck toll has been in force in Germany since 2005, and in 2023 the traffic light government consisting of the SPD, FDP and Greens has linked it to CO2 emissions in order to accelerate the switch to climate-neutral drive systems in road freight transport as well.

On 1 July 2024, a further reform will come into force, as a result of which vehicles with a gross weight of 3.5 t or more - instead of the previous 7.5 t - will also be charged. Many motorhomes also fall into this category. The uncertainty among many campers is therefore great. The Rosenheim-based start-up, provider of digital toll boxes for cars, motorhomes and lorries in several European countries, is reassuring.

Criticism of the increase in the HGV toll on 1 December 2023

Criticism of the increase in the HGV toll on 1 December 2023

Rosenheim, October 23rd 2023: The German Bundestag has decided to increase the HGV toll on German federal and trunk roads.

From December 1st 2023, CO2 emission classes will be introduced as a new tariff feature for the toll. A CO2 surcharge will therefore be levied for the HGV toll. A surcharge of 200 euros per tonne will be payable. 

The Rosenheim-based start-up, provider of digital toll boxes for cars and trucks, criticises this decision and fears massive additional costs for freight forwarders and ultimately for consumers. 

Free travel with the toll box also in Croatia

Rosenheim, July 3rd, 2023: Rosenheim-based start-up now opens the barriers in 5 countries.

All good things come in fives: The Rosenheim-based start-up is expanding its range of services and, on the way south with its toll box, will in future open the barriers in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and, since July, also in Croatia. This means that travellers can also open the barriers at the reserved, digital toll lanes in the popular holiday country on the Balkan peninsula. 

A bull's eye for young footballers

Rosenheim, February 2nd, 2023: Rosenheim start-up donates 2,000 euros to FC Nicklheim.

The Rosenheim start-up, founded in 2020, opens the motorway barriers on the way south. During an indoor tournament, the two managing directors and founders Julian Schmelzer and Simon Baumgartner presented a cheque for 2,000 euros to the junior football team of FC Nicklheim. 

Free ride for the big trucks

Rosenheim September30th, 2022: launches toll box for trucks over 3.5 tonnes.

Due to the high demand from haulage companies and businesses, the start-up from Rosenheim has decided to launch a toll box especially for trucks over 3 m high and weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. 

This currently works in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal and does not need to be connected or activated.

One toll box for all

Rosenheim, April 10th, 2022: The first toll box for large motorhomes with 5 countries from is the first provider to offer a toll box for 5 countries for private users of motorhomes over 3 metres high and weighing over 3.5 tonnes. Included are Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. 

In addition, the toll box can be used in the Belgian Liefkenshoektunnel, on the ferries of the Strait of Messina and on selected car parks.

Free travel to the south with the car toll box

Rosenheim March 1st 2021: Rosenheim-based start-up offers electronic receivers for digital toll processing for private customers - Valid in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal .

The start-up maut1 GmbH is launching an electronic receiver on the market in spring 2021. The toll box is attached to the windscreen with a holder next to the interior mirror by means of a bracket. 

If you drive up to a toll station with it, the barrier opens automatically and the toll is subsequently billed once a month by via the deposited means of payment.

Our toll service - order your toll box

With our toll box you can drive through toll stations in the countries  Italy, France, Spain and Portugal as well as for vehicles under 3m height for Croatia (without Istria) faster and easy without stopping. 

For large motorhomes (over 3m height), we additionally offer these benefits for your trip through Austria, with a car you still need a vignette e.g. in the form of a digital e-vignette from our partner in the media:

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