Toll box for commercial trucks over 3 m high and over 3.5t weight


Including free holder
Simple monthly debit**
One toll box for Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Austria
Super handy with only 7 x 4.5 x 3 cm
Shipping time is approx. 2-3 weeks
Customer Support from Germany

*The one-off activation fee is €19.90. The annual fee of €79.90 is debited one month after dispatch, then every 365 days.
**A surcharge of 5% is due on the gross toll turnover.

Product number: MB.LKW

Toll box for commercial trucks and buses over 3m high and over 3.5t weight:

Pay your tolls with our truck toll device - conveniently and without stopping. Whether Austria, Italy, France, Spain, or Portugal  our toll box for trucks takes care of the entire process for you, so you can concentrate on the journey!


Truck toll device from - your advantages

✓ One device - several countries

The truck toll box from is designed for the truck toll system in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

✓ Immediately ready for use

Thanks to the pre-settings we have made, the toll box is ready for use as soon as you hold it in your hands. The toll device does not require any further settings.

✓ Hardly any effort

The toll box has a permanently installed battery, so no further connections are needed in your vehicle. Attach the toll box to the windscreen and simply drive off - we'll take care of the rest.

Multiple uses - the truck toll box

In addition to paying tolls, the toll box can be used in many other ways:

  • Payment for parking fees: Special parking lots and parking garages already use modern signal technology to simplify parking. At designated parking areas, you neither need a parking card nor do you have to wait and pay at the automatic pay station on site.
  • Means of payment for shipping: The cost of a crossing on the Strait of Messina can be paid contactlessly with our maut1 truck toll box.
  • Italy: Toll booths that can be passed through contactless are marked with a yellow "T" or "Telepass". Nevertheless, all other lanes can also be crossed with a toll box. With your truck, you should therefore get into the queue early.
  • France: Users of a Telepass system can use any lane in France. Exclusive use of a toll device is also marked with a "T" here. Here you should watch out for a truck lane in some places.
  • Spain: The toll box can be used here on all lanes which have been marked with "VIA-T", a "T" or Telepeaje". Truck lanes are usually on the right-hand side to avoid lane changes.
  • Portugal: With a toll box you don't have to worry in Portugal. All lanes are open for contactless passage. In some cases only by using a telepass.
  • Austria: When driving on an Austrian motorway, the toll box’s signal is picked up and the toll is paid. Special toll stations are a special feature in Austria, e.g. the Brenner toll. Here, driving slowly through the toll stations is sufficient to pay the toll.
  • Belgium: You can pay the Liefkenshoektunnel electronically and contactless with our truck toll device.

Use our toll box for the countries: Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal!

Questions about the truck toll device

How do I install the truck toll box?

To ensure that your toll device can be read and evaluated everywhere without any problems, it is important that it is mounted correctly. That's why we keep the installation of our truck toll box simple and straightforward. We will show you how it works quickly and safely:

Toll box windscreen attachment

Mounting the truck toll box

  • Step 1: Mount the toll device on the supplied windscreen holder.
  • Step 2: Before attaching the device, the windscreen must be cleaned.
  • Step 3: Remove the protective film from the adhesive surface of the holder.
  • Step 4: Press the adhesive surface with a little pressure to the position shown above in the windscreen*. Done.


☛ Please note!*

If your vehicle has a coated windshield, the attachment must be made in an area that is excluded from the coating. This area should be marked in your vehicle manual.

Changing axles: Can I adjust the number of axles?

At many toll stations in Europe, the number of axles is used to determine the price of a toll. If you drive tours with and without a trailer, you will of course not have to pay more than you have to. You can adjust the number of axles using the button on the toll box. This way, the adjustment of the axles can be easily solved and you can continue driving - without losing time and money.

Changing vehicles: Can I use my truck toll box for another vehicle?

It is not possible to change vehicles for a truck toll box, as the truck toll device is personalised by for a specific vehicle.

How does the toll service for trucks work?

  • At all toll stations that can be crossed with a telepass, there are antennas that transmit a signal. If there is a toll box in your truck, the signal is answered by the toll box.
  • The toll station recognises that it is a truck toll box and sends us the corresponding toll transaction. This contains measured data records according to which your toll charge is calculated - axles, weight, height, etc.
  • We take care of the payment of tolls to the toll operators and send you a transparent invoice for all the transactions we receive from the toll stations you pass through.

Order the truck toll device from and benefit from the numerous advantages. We also offer toll devices for motorhomes and cars!

Do you have any further questions? Then take a look at our FAQ section or contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Information on the contract

As the toll box for trucks is individually personalised to your vehicle, once an order has been placed it cannot be cancelled.

You can use your toll box for trucks for as short or long as you wish. If you no longer need the toll box, simply return it to the following address:

maut1 GmbH
Eduard-Rüber-Str. 7
83022 Rosenheim

We only charge the fees incurred so far.

The tollbox contract is automatically renewed every year for another year, you do not have to sign a new contract. The annual fee of € 79.90 is automatically debited each year. The annual fee covers the provision of the toll box, but not the individual tolls for the routes driven. Each time you drive through a toll station, toll costs incur which are calculated as separate toll costs. We settle these costs with the payment method you choose - you do not have to do anything else. If you no longer wish to use the toll box, simply return the toll box for trucks to us.

In individual cases, the Austrian toll operator compares the order data with the data in the vehicle registration document. In this case we need a scan, or a photo of the vehicle registration document within 48 hours after such a check from the customer. Don't worry, we will contact you immediately and ask for the documents again.

Please note: If proof of the vehicle registration document is not provided within the specified period, the toll box may be blocked for a fee. Furthermore, additional fees may be charged by the toll operator.


Price List
Description Price
Annual fee
will be debited for the first time one month after dispatch and subsequently every 365 days.
One-time payment
Activation fee 19,90€
Shipping Fee 3,90€
If necessary
Blocking fee
if the toll box is stolen, lost or severely damaged, it must be blocked.
Express delivery 35,00€
Tolls Streckenabhängig
a surcharge of 5% is due on the gross toll turnover
Cleaning fee
if a toll box arrives with us that is heavily soiled, we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee
Processing fee return debit / chargeback 35,00€

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