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You want to make a road trip in Italy or have regular deliveries by truck to Italy and have questions about tolls in Italy?

Find out about the toll system, the telepass, how much the tolls are and how the tolls are charged in Italy before you set off.  Whether you are driving a car, motorcycle, truck or camper van, the Tollbox always has the right solution for you.

With the right planning and the necessary equipment like our Telepass, you can make your trip to Italy an unforgettable positive experience!

Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

This is how the Telepass works:

Order Telepass online 

Order our toll box for your trip to Italy from home. Your toll box will be delivered within 1-4 working days. Attach toll box

Attach toll box

 Attach our toll box next to the rear view mirror on your windshield. You're ready to go! The toll box is already active when you receive it.

Free ride

Use the lanes marked with a T in yellow. No stopping, no payment at the toll station necessary!

Billing by e-mail

We debit the toll charges from your lodged means of payment (monthly). You will receive an overview of the charged fees conveniently by e-mail.

No matter which vehicle, we have the right toll box for you.

Car / two-wheeler toll box

For cars and two-wheelers we offer a toll box for Italy, FranceSpainPortugal and Croatia (without Istria). Enjoy your journey in an uncomplicated way with our toll box for vehicles up to 3 meters high. We make your journey through Italy on the road easy and stress-free.

Motorhome Tollbox

Holidaying in Italy with your camper van? Uncomplicated at any time with the toll box from The toll box for motorhomes is ready for use in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Trucks (forwarding agencies) toll box

Use our toll box specially for trucks in Italy. We have the perfect solution for haulage companies who want to settle the tolls in Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal easily and uncomplicated with only one toll box. The toll box is ordered, delivered and only needs to be attached to the windscreen of the truck.

The maut1 Telepass is also valid for ferries and car parks - simple and uncomplicated payment!

The maut1 Telepass can not only be used for motorway tolls, but can also be used for the ferry Villa San Giovanni to Messina (from mainland Italy to Sicily) and for many Italian car parks.

Travel advice: From the beginning of 2025, there may be traffic delays and congestion on the Brenner motorway due to renovation work on the Lueg Bridge. Find out more in our blog article: Brenner motorway construction site - The Lueg bridge on the Brenner will probably only be open to one lane from 2025

Prices of the Italian toll:

The toll box from - 5 countries from €22.90 per year
Is there also a toll sticker for travelling in Italy? 
No, there is no sticker vignette Italy or e-vignette Italy, because unlike the compulsory vignette in Austria or Switzerland, for example, the toll for Italian motorways is payable at the respective toll stations. 

This is why there is no flat-rate vignette in Italy; the toll is calculated according to the distance travelled on the Italian motorways.
In some areas in Italy the toll is calculated as a lump sum, an overview of all tolls in Italy can be found on our overview page about tolls.

  • General information about tolls in Italy
  • Motorways
  • Tunnels
  • Pass roads
  • Car transport
  • City toll

Protect yourself from long waiting times and high fines with our Telepass

Telepass Italien

Lanes at an Italian toll station marked with this yellow T are specially designated for use with the Telepass. Simply drive through without waiting!

Buy a Telepass (toll box) via and convince yourself of our many years of experience. We advise you individually before and after the purchase of the toll box (Telepass) for Italy.

In our blog we have compiled important information for you on possible replacement tolls and fines after travelling to Italy.

Mautbox günstig

Lanes at a toll station in Italy

At the toll stations there are lanes reserved for the different payment methods.

Lane: Yellow T

Description: Every lane with a yellow T symbol can be used with a telepass (toll box). This means that there are rarely any waiting times.
Staff: Without staff
Payment option: Fully automatic with Telepass (toll box)

Lane: Yellow lane

Description: The yellow lane can only be used with a toll box or a telepass. Often these lanes start several hundred meters before the Italian toll station, which is why you can bypass the traffic jam in front of the toll station with the manual users and take the through lane.
Staff: Without staff
Payment option: Fully automatic with Telepass (toll box)

Lane: Blue lane

Description: On the blue lanes with the sign "Carte" only credit cards or ViaCard are accepted.
Staff: With staff
Payment options: Cash, credit card

Lane: White lane

Description: On the white lane you pay the toll in cash. If you also see the blue sign at the bottom left of the signposting, you can also pay the toll by ViaCard or credit card.
Staff: With staff
Payment options: Cash, credit card

Milan, Rome, Florence, Lake Garda - all these cities have one thing in common, they are worth a visit. Enjoy your drive without thinking about the tolls in Italy. Pass the toll stations without waiting and drive through Italy with the Telepass!

FAQs Toll in Italy

The Telepass brand is an electronic toll system for the automated collection of tolls by radio on motorways in Italy and other countries. The Telepass system was introduced back in 1989 and can be used for all common vehicle types. Telepass consists of a small, battery-operated electronic box, the on-board unit (OBU), which is simply attached to the windscreen of the vehicle next to the interior mirror.

Order the Telepass for Italy without further ado via We will deliver the Telepass to your home.
Telepass for cars and vehicles up to 3 metres high
Telepass for motorhomes over 3 metres high

Yes, with a large motorhome you can also pay the toll in Austria with our toll box for vehicles over 3 metres high and over 3.5 tonnes in weight in addition to Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. For all other vehicles, the toll box for vehicles up to 3 metres high is the right one. This works in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia (without Istria).

The toll box, also called Telepass, allows you to use the Telepass lanes at the toll station. This means you can simply drive through without stopping. The Telepass registers each passage and automatically forwards the calculation to Once a month, we debit the tolls from your lodged payment method and you don't have to worry about anything.

The Telepass or also called the toll box can be used in France, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Croatia (without Istria). The Telepass for vehicles over 3 meters (motorhomes) can also be used in Austria instead of Croatia.

There is no difference. Telepass is just a specific name for a type of toll box.

In Italy, some traffic rules are different to those in Germany. So that you can enjoy your holiday without any worries, we have compiled the most important information on traffic rules, penalties and fines in Italy for you in our blog.

Tollbox for Italy and other countries in Europe

Pay tolls electronically and contactless – with the toll box from - without any congestion at the toll stations. Simply mount your toll box on the windscreen and drive relaxed through Austria, Italy, SpainPortugalFrance or Croatia (without Istria)! 

Do you still have questions? In our FAQ you find answers or please feel free to contact  us.

In our blog you will find additional travel information as well as further tips and advice from the team for your next holiday.

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