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Relaxed travel through France with our toll box

Are you planning a trip in France or do you regularly have to cross French motorways by truck and are wondering how best to pay tolls in France? 

There are several ways to pay the toll in France. At you will find the right solution - use our toll box.

And this is how our toll device for France works:

Drive through France uncomplicated in just 4 steps with our toll box.

Order toll box online

Order a suitable toll device for your vehicle - cartruck or motorhome. Within 1 to 4 working days your toll box will be delivered directly to your home.

Installing the toll device

Mount the toll device next to the rear-view mirror on your windscreen. The toll box is ready for use immediately!

Enjoy a free ride

Use lanes marked with a "t". You don't have to draw a ticket, but can drive contactless through the toll booths.

Invoice by e-mail

We debit the toll charges each month from your lodged payment method. You will receive an overview of the tolls charged by e-mail.

Toll box from - solution for all vehicles

No matter whether you are travelling with a car, camper van or truck. With the toll box from, you can travel through France in complete relaxation and enjoy the most beautiful sides of the country.

✓ Car & two-wheeler toll device

For a stress-free trip through France with cars and two-wheelers, our toll box for vehicles up to 3 meters high is perfect. And the good thing is: with the car toll device you can also drive in Italy, Spain and Portugal without having to stop at the toll stations.

✓ Toll box for motorhomes

Are you planning a motorhome tour in France? With the toll box for vehicles over 3 metres high and 3.5 tonnes in weight, you no longer have to worry about not being able to pay tolls locally. With the toll box from, you always have everything under control.

✓ Truck toll device

We have the perfect solution for hauliers in France - our toll box for trucks and buses. This easy-to-use toll box allows you to pay French motorway tolls without having to stop and pay at every exit. So you can concentrate on the journey and save time and nerves!

☛ Good to know

  • Commercial lorries >3.5t & motorhomes from 3 m high

You can use our toll devices for trucks and motorhomes for 5 European countries: Austria, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal! One device - five countries!

  • Cars & vehicles up to 3 m high

Our toll devices for cars can be used for 5 European countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia (without Istria)! One device - five countries!

Further information on toll prices in France

The toll box from - 5 countries from €22.90 per year
Can the toll in France also be paid by vignette when travelling? 
No, in contrast to the obligation to carry an e-vignette or adhesive vignette as in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic or Hungary, there is no vignette for France. The toll fee on French motorways is payable at the respective toll stations depending on the distance travelled. This is why there is no flat-rate vignette billing in France. 

In some areas of France, the toll is also charged in an open system or via a FreeFlow system, we have compiled an overview for you on Tolls in France :

  • General information on tolls in France
  • Motorways
  • Tunnel
  • Bridges

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about tolls in France

The toll in France is paid at the toll booths - "Péages". The French motorway network is operated by different companies (e.g. APRR in the east or ASF in the southwest and south), which set the motorway tolls individually.

With a few exceptions in Alsace/Lorraine, Auvergne and Brittany, as well as urban motorways, the use of motorways in France is subject to tolls. Motorways (A) are marked in blue (toll), national roads (N) in green and departmental roads (D) in white (both toll-free). Two- or multi-axle vehicles are generally subject to tolls in France. This applies to

  • passenger cars,
  • motorcycles,
  • motorhomes and lorries.

Without a toll box in France, a ticket is drawn when entering the motorway and paid when leaving. On some sections, a flat rate is charged at the toll booth and therefore no ticket is required.

The toll in France is calculated according to the distance driven and the vehicle class or vehicle size, which are divided as follows:

  • Class 1: Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, height up to 2 metres.
  • Class 2: Vehicles with height between 2 and 3 metres.
  • Class 3: Vehicles with 2 axles and a height of 3 metres or more.
  • Class 4: Vehicles with 3 or more axles and a permissible gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes and a height of 3 metres or more.
  • Class 5: Motorcycles (including sidecars) and trikes.

☛ Good to know

Vehicles in categories 1, 2 and 5 can use our toll box for light vehicles (up to 3 m) in France but also in Italy, Portugal and Spain. Class 3 and 4 vehicles need our toll box for large motorhomes (over 3 m) and can use it additionally in Austria, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

All lanes in France marked with a "t" can be used for automatic toll collection with our toll box. At all other lanes you can pay in cash, or by credit card. EC/Maestro cards are not accepted.

All lanes in France marked with a "t" can be used for automatic toll collection with our toll box. With the toll box from you don't have to draw a ticket, but can drive contactless through the toll station. This saves you time and the hassle of ticketing.

On the so-called FreeFlow routes in France (also known as "Péage Flux Libre"), you no longer have to stop at toll stations and pay in cash or by credit card, you can simply drive through the toll booths (barrier-free metal arches that span the motorway) without having to stop. When you drive through, the vehicle's licence plate number is recorded digitally and the corresponding fees are charged electronically. 

You can also conveniently use the toll box from to use the FreeFlow system in France, as you are automatically registered with your licence plate number. 

All drivers without a toll box only have 72 hours after travelling on a FreeFlow route to pay the toll (online or at special terminals at the rest areas). 

The new FreeFlow system is already in operation on the routes: 

  • A79 motorway between Montmarault (Allier/Auvergne) and Digoin (Saône-et-Loire/Bourgogne). 
  • A4 motorway (Paris-Strasbourg): Boulay exit 

According to French motorway operator Sanef the new system will also be installed on the A13 by 2027, making all toll stations on the route between Paris and Caen redundant.

Some traffic regulations in France are different to those in Germany. So that you can enjoy your holiday without any worries, we have compiled the most important information on traffic rules, penalties and fines in France for you in our blog.

☛ Tip

Learn more about the toll system in France under Tolls in France.

Toll box for France and other countries

When driving your car around Europe, it's refreshing to know that one toll can be paid for five different countries, depending on the type of vehicle. ItalyAustriaSpain, France, Portugal as well as Croatia (without Istria) are all covered with just one box! 

Would you like to pay your tolls in just one trip? Then our toll box is just the thing for you!

Do you still have questions? In our FAQ you find answers or please feel free to contact  us.

You can find more tips and advice from the team as well as additional travel information for your next holiday on the blog.

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