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✔ Get to your destination faster!
✔ Convenience at the toll stations!

Tip: Pick-up station on the A93 motorway before Kufstein for the toll box

Simply collect your online ordered toll box for cars at the service station Inntal West around the clock on site!

Please note: For the time being, this only applies to the toll box for vehicles up to 3 metres high and up to 4.5 t!

What do I need to know for collection?

  1. Order your toll box online at with "collection" as the shipping method.
  2. Take a break at the Inntal West Service area just before crossing the border into Austria at Kufstein.
  3. Pick up your toll box for cars on site using the barcode on your order confirmation.
  4. Please mount it next to the interior mirror according to the instructions and travel into your holiday free of traffic jams.


Toll box: How does the toll box from work?

With our toll box for motorbikes, cars (with/without trailer) and small motorhomes you can drive through toll stations in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Croatia (without Istria) faster without stopping.

For large motorhomes, you can also take advantage of the toll box (currently without Croatia) when driving in Austria. The toll box in Austria is currently only for large motorhomes, with a car you still need a vignette.

It's very easy to use: you mount the toll box on your windscreen and drive through the toll stations as usual without having to pay there.  

After approximately one month, you will receive a detailed invoice from us, including an overview of the toll charges incurred.

☛ Tollbox or Telepass

The toll box is also called telepass in some regions. Telepass is just a specific name for a toll box type. There is no difference between telepass and a tollbox.

Your advantage with the toll box:

There are lanes reserved for toll box users at the toll stations, which are marked with a t symbol

These lanes can only be used with a toll box and therefore offer you the advantage of significantly reduced waiting times.

With the toll box, you can simply drive past the traffic jam at the lanes to pay with cash or credit card.

Holder for toll boxes - simply reorder online

You need an additional or replacement bracket for your vehicle?     Reorder here!


Choose your appropriate toll box:

Vehicle up to 3m height

Five countries – one toll box

This toll box is suitable for all cars up to 3 meters height, cars with trailers and motorcycles.

We are planning on extending our device for the use in Scandinavia. 
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Motorhome over 3m height

Five countries – one toll box

Order this toll box if you drive a motorhome or a vehicle over 3 meters high.

We are planning on extending our device for the use in Croatia and Scandinavia. 
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Commercial trucks and buses over 3.5t 

Five countries – one toll box

Order this toll box for your commercial truck or bus over 3m high and weighing over 3.5 tons.

We are planning on extending our device for the use in Croatia and Scandinavia. 
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Tollbox from All advantages at a glance

More countries
One toll box for five European countries - Italy, France, SpainPortugal and Croatia (without Istria) - for heavy vehicles even including Austria, too. You won't find more countries with one toll device from any other provider!
Competent service
Competent German and English-speaking customer service that helps you instead of making you wait.
Environmental protection
Through our toll device for cars as well as our toll box for motorhomes you can help to avoid congestion at the toll station and thus reduce emissions.
Time saving
With our toll box for Europe you save up to 45 minutes per toll station. At some toll stations it is no longer possible to pay manually at the station and a toll box saves you searching for a toll station or waiting at the payment points.
A simple and very affordable pricing model. By using one toll box for five countries, you also pay only one fee for all five European countries. Feel free to compare us with the competition.

Save cash money

One toll box for several countries and only one fee! 

Plus: Travel through Austria additionally with your motorhome and the toll box!




What our customers say about the toll box:


Traffic jam-free through the toll booths! Fast delivery, easy installation, correct billing.

Toll box

super, clean, fast = professional. A vehicle without a toll box makes no sense.


Super service. Fast delivery. No traffic jams at toll booths in France.

There is nothing better

There is nothing better than having the box, we were even able to park in car parks and parking spaces where Telepass is accepted.

Simply super

We were on holiday in Italy for a week. The toll box worked perfectly. Can only recommend the toll box.

Massive time saving

Saving time and eliminating the stress of waiting make the instrument a valuable tool for a relaxing holiday.

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(*Currently, the reviews are only available in German.)

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